"Dweedy" Comic / Zine

  • "Dweedy" Comic / Zine

40 page, black and white, comic about the post-mortem adventures on one very real cat. Written and Illustrated by Meg Tosi (@megnolia.Illustration). Published and printed by Dooney Press in Goffstown, NH.

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Books signed by Author/Illustrator by request.

"I LOVE the comic…it’s so adorable I could cry."

"Heartbreakingly cute. Really. I recommend it to anyone who has had a cat pass away."

"Definite need for any cat lover."

"I quite literally cried at the end."

Based on the author’s very real cat, “Dweedy” is a short spooky yet sweetly charming comic that chronicles the imagined adventures of a much-beloved deceased pet. Lovingly written and illustrated by Meg Tosi, whose previous work Kirkus Reviews praised as “delightful.”